Advantage and disadvantage of culture change

While some change is inevitable, taking steps to reduce the impact can leave the organization healthier in the long run. Change in an organization is created either internally or externally. Depending on the source of change, there are different advantages and disadvantages associated with the change.

Advantage and disadvantage of culture change

Supporters strongly believe that your moral codes and beliefs of right and wrong are influenced completely by the culture in which you are raised.

A better way to look at this would be that a what is considered morally correct in one culture, may be deemed wrong in another.

Advantage and disadvantage of culture change

This is a widely accepted theory in modern philosophy, but what harm could come from this way of thinking? Is there truly a universal right and wrong? Advantages of Cultural Relativism 1. A Respect For Other Cultures The biggest benefit that can be brought from the idea of cultural relativism is the universal respect for different cultures and countries around the world.

The belief that one person knows what is right, and that is the only way it is, isolates and discriminates against people who believe differently.

Advantage and disadvantage of culture change

Excusable Actions With cultural relativism, nearly any action that is made can be passed off as a cultural difference. While this may seem like a con, there are certainly pros to it. There is an overwhelming amount of ideals in this world, and with social and other types of media, even the smallest action is made into a worldwide spectacle and debate.

Understanding cultural relativism will help to alleviate much of this unnecessary debate.

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Preserves Cultures Many times, culturally traditional things begin to shift and change in order to appease the world view of said culture. With cultural relativism, these traditions can stay in place. Tradition, of course, is the root of many cultures. Disadvantages of Cultural Relativism 1.

No Judgment Is Still A Judgment By saying that no moral judgment can be passed on any culture is truly a bias in itself.

People begin to feel hostile because even if they deeply disagree with a cultural practice, there is seemingly nothing that they can do about it.

What are the Advantages of culture change

Each individual person, and not culture, has a different opinion on that. There is no one person who can deem morals to be correct or wrong. This is easily the biggest and most argued flaw with the idea of cultural relativism.

Bernard Williams is one of the most renowned researches into the topic of cultural relativity. One of the biggest examples of cultural relativism is the treatment of women in Middle Eastern countries, compared to the treatment of women in Western Countries.

Another great example of this theory is that children in America are raised to believe that dogs are pets, while in other countries, such as China, dogs are considered a source of food.

This theory is most debated through the religious world because religious sects believe that their set of morals is the only correct ones.A major disadvantage of Indian Culture is Patriarchy.

Men seldom allow the women/daughters of the family to work and earn.


Men seldom allow the women/daughters of the family to work and earn. In a patriarchal culture, men do not want to live on the earning of the women, they feel they are not man enough to make the women step out . A well-developed culture brings a strikingly increased openness to change and the desire of employees to make changes work.

As trust and responsibility increases, employees don’t just initiate significant improvements in ongoing operations, they actively reach out to their environment, bringing improvement ideas and initiatives that make the.

Create change from outside the organization when change needs to happen quickly and the organization is not yet ready for the change. While external change is harder to accept than internal change, there are some distinct advantages for external change in .

According to an article by organizational change expert Garrison Wynn, the top two reasons people resist change are lack of knowledge about coming changes and fear of the unknown. Advantage And Disadvantage Of Culture Change Advantages and Disadvantages of Aid to Australia – Geography Essay The purpose of Australian Aid is to help developing countries around the world eradicate poverty and to promote stability and prosperity both in our region and beyond, by providing different types of assistance and financial support.

One advantage of culture is the unity among people it brings. One disadvantage of culture is that individuals who do not conform are criticized.

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