Boy meets hero online comic

His sidekick is Fallout Boyand his catchphrase is "Up and atom!

Boy meets hero online comic

Kon-El is depicted as a modern incarnation of the original Superboy. Art by Tom Grummett. After the death of Superman at the hands of a kryptonian DoomsdayProject Cadmus Executive Director Paul Westfield wanted to create a clone replacement of Superman that would follow the agendas of Project Cadmus as well as his own personal agenda.

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After failed attempts to acquire Superman's DNA which included an attempt to steal his corpse[2] [3] [4] Westfield decided to genetically alter a human clone to look like Superman and made the clone to be the closest human equivalent to a Kryptonian as they could based on their research.

During their research when they had Superman's body, Westfield's scientists discovered a bio-electric aura surrounding Superman's body that provided some of Superman's powers such as invulnerability, flight through a form of self-telekinesis, protection from getting dirty and protection from skin-tight clothing to be damaged.

The aura was translated into a telekinetic field for a human that would give the clone the ability to simulate Superman's powers such as flight, invulnerability, and strength. This was later known as "tactile telekinesis" by the scientists.

The clone was given implanted memories and underwent an artificial maturation process intended to match the age of the original Superman. This clone was released from his cloning tube too early, however, and emerged as a teenager. While at first calling himself "Superman", he would later be known as Superboy.

While glibly asserting he was the original Superman, he quickly rebuked any insinuation he was the original Superman. In fact, he told anyone who'd listen that he was a clone of Superman. This revelation was first revealed to Lois Lane, but she was not interested.

Three other Supermen emerged simultaneously: After the original Superman's return, Superboy began operating alongside him as an independent hero for a time, refusing to give credence to the idea that he was a "sidekick" of Superman's. He rejoined Cadmus and began working as a field agent with Dubbilex and Guardian.

Adam Winterbourne one of the men the Kid rescued from the Wild Landsand one of the new ace scientists, Serling Roquette.

Boy Meets Hero by Chayne Avery And in concept I am all for it, especially since major labels apparently prefer to make previously clearly straight characters suddenly gay inside of the same continuity instead of promoting and developing the LGBT characters that they already have.
or sign in with your ID: Story arcs[ edit ] "The Name of the Game" 1—2 [ edit ] Billy Butcher learns of a presidential directive charging the CIA with monitoring all superheroes. He uses the directive to get the backing required to reform "The Boys", a black ops team designed to police the superhero community.
Sign in using your account with: And in concept I am all for it, especially since major labels apparently prefer to make previously clearly straight characters suddenly gay inside of the same continuity instead of promoting and developing the LGBT characters that they already have.

Superboy is interested in Serling as she's one of the few women at the Project and the only one close to his own agebut she is oblivious at first.

While there, Superboy visits Krypton via virtual reality. After explaining how he considers Superboy part of his family, Superman offers him the Kryptonian name Kon-El. Superboy tearfully accepts, overjoyed with the simple joy of having a real name.

He would eventually accept the name "Conner. He relocates to Metropolis, becoming the "super" at a tenement building called Calvin Gardens. Eventually Superman invites him to stay with his parents in Smallville, which he gladly accepted and did for quite some time. Superboy is a founding member of Young Justicea group of teenage heroes who intended to one day be the next Justice League.

Boy meets hero online comic

Superboy first encountered his future teammate Robin after the latter called Rex Leech requesting Superboy's help in defeating Metallo in Gotham City while Superboy was judging the first "Miss Kryptonite" pageant in Hawaii.

Metallo shows up in Kauai as well and the team of Superboy and Robin defeated them.Tags: comics, green lantern, super hero It’s “New Comic Book Day” and I just finished reading Green Lantern Corps #41 from DC Comics.

Boy meets hero online comic

The “Blackest Night” bullshit is still going strong. Side by Side by Mioki is a very sweet story with all the zeal of young love. Mioki's comic style allows him to explore every side of the passionate love story of title characters, Rick and Evan.

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A boy left hanging off a Paris balcony before being rescued by a hero immigrant climber dubbed 'Spider-Man' had already fallen from the floor above, it emerged today.. The four-year-old clambered. In Metropolis, Super Hero High is the place for young Super Heroes to find that acceptance while they’re also being taught to hone their unique Super Powers.

Everyone at SHH is extraordinary in some way, so it is the place to start defining oneself as a hero – not to mention make lifelong friends like Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Batgirl, Harley Quinn, Bumblebee, Poison Ivy, Katana and more! Gay fans may find the world of BOY MEETS HERO created by Chayne Avery and Russell Garcia is one that fits the bill.

Golden Bay City, surely a stand-in for San Francisco, is the fictional metropolis of Avery and Garica’s story.

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