Comparative essay beka lamb the chrysalids

In the novel, Beka Lamb, by Zee Edgell, these pillars are examined. A novel about the upbringing and changes a young girl goes through.

Comparative essay beka lamb the chrysalids

The Themes of Beka Lamb and the Chrysalides are very similar especially when you look at the role of women in society and social prejudice. In Beka Lamb women are the ones who are seen as the care givers and the ones to take care of the home.

The majority of them do not work and even having an education for the lower class is untold or unheard of. In The Chrysalides women are seen as the same and are given most of the punishment when it comes to producing "deviants" Here you see a similarity because in Beka Lamb Toysie is seen as solely responsible for her pregnancy and has to take the social shame as well as being expelled from school.

Women in the Chrysalides are given "penances" for producing deviants The Theme of prejudice is explored in Beka Lamb as racial prejudice as she is black and the society looks down on her to be another statistic as many of the other women in society have become.

This is seen when aunt Hariot commits sucide because of the number of deviant babies she gave birth to society even her husband looked down on her.

So the themes of Beka Lamb and The Chrysalides are very closely linked. When comparing the themes of Beka Lamb and the Chrysalides i find that they both deal with the same fact of life.

Being the love of friends and family. In both books we find that the main characters lose a friend. In Beka Lamb Beka lost and in the chrysalides David and his telepathic friends lost Anne, a telepath. Because they both talk about seeing through your problem and getting through them Beka Lamb is born into a middle class Belizean family.

The Lamb family was one of the few creole families on their street that had much. Beka and her best friend Toycie were the only girls on the street who were presently attending secondary school. Lilla Lamb comments "It's hard to have nice things amongst people that don't.

Beka and her parents have a fairly bad relationship, although they have her best interest at heart. She was occasionally beaten as a child for things coming out of her mouth, but more often than not catches her parents off guard with her sense of humor and inquisitiveness. They regard her as somewhat coquettish, but also sensitive.

Comparative essay beka lamb the chrysalids

Her best friend is seventeen year old neighbor Toycie Qualo who became pregnant and later loses the child from miscarriage and her own life from a mango tree falling and crushing her skull during a storm. In Beka Lamb the issue of religion was very dominant. When Beka best friend Toycie got pregnant she had to left school, because the school was a catholic school and to top it off she even got expelled because of the beliefs of that school.

While in Chrysalids religion was very dominant. In this novel David who is the protaganist had alot of this to deal with.

Comparative essay beka lamb the chrysalids

His father was seen as one of the main religious man in the novel. David's best friend Sophie was a deviant and was seen as a threat to the community of Waknuk. Even though David knew about Sophie's default he had to keep it as a secret inorder to safe her from the community of Waknuk.

In both novels the theme of friendship was also highlighted very strongly. In the Chrysalids, David and Sophie had a strong friendship going on. It was so important to David that he had decides to keep a secret for his best friend that automatically cause conflicts between him and his family.

He had to run away from home just to keep this secret fo his friend. While in Beka Lamb, Beka was almost faced with the same situation only that her best friend Toycie was engaged in an intimate relationship with Emilio, which eventually leads to pregnancy.

Beka had to keep this as secret so that Toycie's teacher and family didn't know but unfortunately things didn't go as how they would have wanted. The theme of growing up is brought out in these two novels.Title: A Comparison between The Chrysalids and Beka Lamb Description: Notes contain 3 sample essay questions.

For each question, there is a breakdown of its integral parts and what should be discussed to ensure full grades. Lastly, there are skeleton points that can be discussed further for each question.

The Themes of Beka Lamb and the Chrysalides are very similar especially when you look at the role of women in Compare and contrast the themes of Beka Lamb and Chrysalides? Log In Register. The book "Beka Lamb" and the book "Chrysalids" written by Zee Edgell and John Wyndham respectively, convey the theme of the book "Chrysalids" Wyndham paints the picture of .

Beka Lamb and The Chrysalids are similar, as they both evoke the theme of friendship. Beka's best friend was Toycie, in which they could both confide with each other. Beka Lamb is the debut novel of Belizean author Zee Edgell. It is the story of both Beka and Belize, an adolescent girl and an adolescent country.

Set in Belize in the s, fourteen-year-old Beka struggles with growing pains complicated by the society in which she lives while her country struggles to move from colonialism to independence. Comparison Of Beka Lamb And Chrysalids Beka lamb and the Chrysalids are similar in many ways for instance both societies are greatly influenced by religion in Beka lamb catholicism is the dominant religion but "before time" the protestantism was the main religion among the metin2sell.comially equipped think that they can take advantage of you.

Similarities between 'Beka Lamb' and 'The Chrysalids'