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It is one of the leading retailers in the United States, specializing in a wide range of products and services.

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In fact, the only differences between them are such artificial ones as nationality, color, or race. Thus, all human beings are equal and form one universal community that is united in its submission and obedience to God.

And at the center of this universal brotherhood is the Islamic confession of the oneness of God that, by extension, includes the oneness and brotherhood of humanity An Essay .depot blog state may be established anywhere.

While the state is geographically limited, the human rights and privileges granted to humanity by God are not. The Qur'an states that these are universal and fundamental, and that all individuals are to enjoy and observe them under all circumstances-including war-regardless of whether he is living in the geographical confines of an Islamic state or not: O believers, tee you securers of justice, witness for God.

Let not detestation for a people move you not to be equitable; be equitable-that is nearer to God-fearing. Violating this rule is equivalent to killing all of humanity: Whose slays a soul not to retaliate for a soul slain, nor for corruption done in the land, should be as if he had slain mankind altogether.

It is not permissible to oppress women, children, old people, the sick or the wounded. Women's honor and chastity are to be respected under all circumstances. The hungry must be fed, the naked clothed, and the wounded or diseased given medical treatment regardless of their pro- or anti-Muslim sentiments and activities.

In Islam, human rights are granted by God, not by kings or legislative assemblies, and therefore they can never be taken away or changed, even temporarily, for any reason.

They are meant to be put into practice and lived, not to stay on paper or in the realm of unenforceable philosophical concepts or United Nation declarations. Every Muslim is required to accept them and recognize the people's right to have them enforced and obeyed. The Qur'an states that: Those who do not judge by what God has sent down are the disbelievers 5: In the Prophet's address during his final pilgrimage, he said: The Qur'an does not allow one's personal honor to be abused: O You who believe, do not let one set of people make fun of another set.

Do not defame one another Do not insult by using nicknames. Do not backbite or spear? Sanctity and Security of Private Life: The Qur'an guarantees privacy Do not spy on one another and Do not enter any houses unless you are sure of their occupant's consent. The Security of Personal Freedom: Islam prohibits the imprisonment of any individual before his guilt has been proven before a public court.

This means that the accused has the right to defend himself and to expect fair and impartial treatment from the court. The Right to Protest against Tyranny: This is mentioned clearly in the Qur'an: God does not love evil talk in public unless it is by some one who has been injured thereby.

In Islam, as has been stated earlier, an individual's power and authority is a trust from God. This is an awesome responsibility for a person, for he must use this trust in a way that is acceptable to God or else suffer the consequences.

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This was acknowledged by Abu Bakr, who said in his very first address: Obey me so long as I follow the commandments of Allah and His Prophet, but turn away from me when I deviate. For example, the use of abusive or offensive language in the name of criticism is not allowed.

Essay .depot blog

In the days of the Prophet, the Muslims used to ask him about certain matters. If he had received no revelation on that particular issue, they were free to express their personal opinions. The formation of associations, parties, and organizations is allowed, on the understanding that they abide by certain general rules.

Freedom of Conscience and Conviction: There should be no coercion in the matter of faith.Essay Criteria. Eligible students must write an essay (that is no more than words in length) that conveys the importance of increasing awareness of suicide prevention and mental health.

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Essay .depot blog

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Don't have an account? Create one for free! PESTEL analysis of The Home Depot. The Home Depot is an American private listed company. It is one of the leading retailers in the United States, specializing in a wide range of products and services. The Home Depot’s main segments are home improvement products and construction equipment.

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