History since 1500 essay

It may also have been our greatest blunder. Astronomy taught us that our earth isn't the center of the universe but merely one of billions of heavenly bodies.

History since 1500 essay

The first prisoners were mostly of German anti-fascists, either Social Democrats or Communists — some coincidentally Jewish, and Jehovah's Witnesses. A high wall with electrified barbed wire enclosed the women in the camp.

Designed to accommodate 6, prisoners, the number of inmates grew from 2, in to 10, in During the next nine months, an estimated 90, more came.

Toward the end of the war, transports from Auschwitz and other camps in the East increased the population to its maximum, some 32, women. Human Statistics The prisoners were organized into categories, each with a distinctive colorcoded triangle, as well as by nationality.

Jewish women wore yellow triangles, but if they were also political prisoners, they wore a red triangle and yellow triangle that formed a Star of Davidor a yellow stripe on top of the red triangle.

A letter within the triangle signified the prisoner's nationality. Exact statistics are impossible to obtain, because the Nazis burned many records before they fled.

There were 28, women from the Soviet Union, almost 24, from Germany and Austria, nearly 8, French women, and thousands from other countries in Europe.

There were even British and American women imprisoned at the camp. While no exact records are available, an estimated twenty percent of the total population was Jewish — more than 20, women. The statistics on the arrival of children and the birth of babies are incomplete and we will never know the full extent of the horrors inflicted on children and newborns.

Most of the newborns only lived briefly and then were murdered by the Nazi doctors and nurses. Camp Life In the camp's early days, conditions were hygienic and the prisoners were issued clean uniforms.

By the end of the war, conditions had deteriorated significantly. Barracks built for women later housed 1, or 2, with three to four to a bed. Thousands of women did not even have part of a bed, and were lying on the floor, without even a blanket.

When Jewish women arrived from Hungary in the fall ofthey were placed in a huge tent with a straw floor and died in masses. A plague of lice and danger of disease from the water made life in the barracks even more unbearable.

The women were awakened for roll call by 4: After standing outside until everyone was accounted for, they drank their imitation coffee and went off to work. They returned to their assigned barracks for their noontime soup and again in the evening, when the soup was repeated, On Sundays the women were not required to work, and socialized in the barracks or outside to the limited extent possible.

The regime was strict, punishment was inflicted, and harsh labor was required. Other routine torture methods included attacks by SS dogs. A prisoner categorized as a criminal carried out the orders, and received extra rations.

The camp doctor was required to be present at each punishment, to confirm it had been carried out. Women also did outside work, such as construction of buildings and roads.Losing the War.

Man is a bubble, and all the world is a stormJeremy Taylor, Holy Dying () My father owned a gorgeous porcelain tiger about half the size of a house cat.

History since 1500 essay

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The history of California can be divided into: the Native American period; European exploration period from to ; the Spanish colonial period, to ; the Mexican period, to ; and United States statehood, from September 9, (in Compromise of ) which continues to this present day..

California was settled from the North by successive waves of arrivals during the. Learn world history since with free interactive flashcards. Choose from different sets of world history since flashcards on Quizlet.

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