Importance knitting

Here she tells us why knitting at home was so important to the people of The Aran islands Knitting has always been an integral part of Aran Island life throughout the ages.

Importance knitting

The Terrace at Hunstanton Chase. The Drawing-room at Hunstanton Chase.

Tension is Very Important

The Hall at Hunstanton Chase. Arbuthnot's House at Wrockley. The Present The action of the play takes place within twenty-four hours. I believe this is the first English country house you have stayed at, Miss Worsley?

You have no country houses, I am told, in America? We have not many. Have you any country? What we should call country? They used to tell us at school that some of our states are as big as France and England put together.

What is the use of my always knitting mufflers for you if you won't wear them? I am quite warm, Caroline, I assure you.

I think not, John. Well, you couldn't come to a more charming place than this, Miss Worsley, though the house is excessively damp, quite unpardonably damp, and dear Lady Hunstanton is sometimes a little lax about the people she asks down here. Lord Illingworth, of course, is a man of high distinction.

It is a privilege to meet him. And that member of Parliament, Mr. Kelvil, my love, Kelvil. He must be quite respectable. One has never heard his name before in the whole course of one's life, which speaks volumes for a man, nowadays.

Allonby is hardly a very suitable person. I dislike her more than I can say. I am not sure, Miss Worsley, that foreigners like yourself should cultivate likes or dislikes about the people they are invited to meet.

Importance knitting

Allonby is very well born.Knitting was no easy task and like all crafts some liked it more than others. The patterns were very intricate and weighed down on the arms as the garment grew in size but nevertheless the best knitters turned out one a week.

Tension is Very Important. We have stressed the importance of knitting a tension swatch before starting work. Here is how to proceed: If the tension quoted is, for example, “22 stitches and 30 rows = 10 cms square measured over stocking stitch on 4 mm needles”, you have to produce a fabric made up of that number of stitches and rows regardless of the needle size you use.

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Knitting is the process of using two or more needles to loop yarn into a series of interconnected loops in order to create a finished garment or some other type of fabric.

Satiric play about hypocrisy and double standards of the Victorian upper classes.

Importance knitting

Wilde's take on dark comedy. If your knitting is even off by half a stitch it could mean a sweater ends up being way too big or way too small. Here's an example: You want to knit a sweater that is 40 inches around.

The knitting gauge says you need 5 stitches per inch. With the correct gauge you can cast on stitches and make your sweater.

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