Jason collins

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Jason collins

Collins had spent the weekend calling friends and letting them know what was about to happen.

Jason collins

One of those calls was to his Stanford classmate, Chelsea Clinton. She put him on the phone with her dad. Jason Collins, veteran in the NBA, announced that he is gay, making him the first active male basketball player, or just male player in the four pro sports, to announce that he is gay.

He says he lived in fear that someone would discover his secret. Just overwhelming weight and stress. Collins says keeping his secret even affected how he played basketball. I love that role. I love hitting," Collins says. That fall, he ended up in Boston with the Celtics and decided to take a risk.

Looking back, it could have been a big one. He chose jersey No. So, when Collins asked for No. And Collins, as he had done for so many years, came up with a lie.

Subscribe to the Only A Game podcast. But in February ofhe was traded to the Washington Wizards. You have to go to your coworkers and tell them your story. Do you have kids? I really got tired of that. Arn Tellem had represented hundreds of basketball and baseball players.

But Collins was the first. He wanted to go public. But there was still a month and a half to go in the regular season. They decided that the announcement should wait. Amaechi retired from the NBA in and came out as gay in He told Collins that once he came out, his identity would change.

Mentally are you ready for that? I celebrate all that makes me who I am. Whether it be 7 feet tall, whether it be being African American. Being gay is another part of it. Another part of me. We could do print. So as soon as the season was over, he flew home to Los Angeles for an interview.

And for the next three hours and 45 minutes, an interview just very similar to this where [they] asked me just one question and then allowed me to talk," Collins says.

And as he started walking out, he just started crying. And he was just so happy for me. And so, for the first time, Jason Collins read something written about himself — his true self. For his ability to shape my words. He added a couple, he added that first line.

Collins made some changes to the draft and the Sports Illustrated team told him it would be posted online on Monday morning at The next step was to show the article to his parents.

They were very nervous about what was going to happen. And I remember meeting them at the dog park and reading the article to them.Yes, This Was a Big Deal Thoughts on Jason Collins’ historic debut as an openly gay NBA player.

View Healthgrades for reviews, insurance, experience and booking information. Call for an appointment today. Professional basketball center Jason Collins announced in May that he was homosexual, making him the first pro ball player to come out of the closet while still, in fact, playing.

The NBA star, who last year became he first active male athlete on a U.S. pro team to publicly declare he is gay, confirms to THR that he's dating the Oscar-nominated producer.

Mar 21,  · Jason Collins, who became the first openly gay player in NBA history when the Brooklyn Nets signed him earlier this season, says that only one unnamed player has taunted him for .

The Saunders boys basketball team participated in Pride On The Court. Jason Collins (back left) supported the team’s inclusion efforts. Two New York high school basketball coaches have been suspended after their teams participated in an LGBTQ Pride Game.

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