Louis bloomfield term paper database

Especially nowadays, because technological advances have made it easy for students to copy the work of others. But technological advances also have made it easier to detect potential cases of plagiarism. Text matching software compares electronically submitted assignments against a database of documents.

Louis bloomfield term paper database

The service compares the paper against millions of Web sites, a database of previous submissions and papers offered by the so-called term-paper mills. Barrie, a founder of Turnitin. The world wide web is not an exception to this.

Does the Internet make it easier for students to plagiarize? Unfortunately, the answer is yes This is a point well-taken. What too few students -- and, frankly, too few faculty -- realize is how much easier the Internet makes the catching of e-plagiarists.

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Anything found on the Web can be found again, and very easily. The key is effective use of search engines. For those who want a basic introduction, searchengines. Especially useful means of tracking down plagiarized material are full-text search engines like AltaVista http: The trick, especially for full-text searches, is to drop in a string of words -- less than a sentence but enough to be a distinctive maybe even unique combination.

Such tracking down is literally push-button easy, and getting easier all the time. The latest wave not all that recent, really is of so-called metasearch engines search engines that search the search engines and return results for, say, ten or more of them.

Some of the better-known ones are DogpileMammaand MetaCrawler. Given the ease of tracking down information, the real issue for students and faculty alike ought to be what to do with it.

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Information should be used, not cut-and-pasted. Assignments should ask students to do more than just report information, and students should understand that research usually has a purpose or point beyond re-presenting what someone else has presented.

It's these things we ought to focus on, especially since tracking down stuff whether as sources or as evidence of plagiarism has become so easy. Software to detect plagiarism:Find company information on D&B Hoovers, the world's largest company directory.

Search for a company, then refine results by location, revenue, size and industry. D&B Hoovers business entity search provides B2B marketing research and sales prospecting . Dec 15,  · Text matching software compares electronically submitted assignments against a database of documents.

Depending on the software, this database might include some or all of: other assignments, webpages, and other documents like scientific journal articles. Bloomfield created a computer program to search for similar phrasing of six consecutive words or more. He ran 1, term papers submitted by e-mail over the last few years through the program and found had suspiciously similar wording -- including 60 papers that were nearly identical.

by Ronald N. Kostoff, Α Dustin Johnson, Α J. Antonio Del Rio, Louis A. Bloomfield, Γ Michael F. Shlesinger, Α Guido, Malpohl Δ, Hector D.

Cortes Β, ABSTRACT: The similarity of documents in a large database of published Fractals articles was examined for redundancy.

Louis bloomfield term paper database

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