Mgt 406 papa johns case

It should be noted that all of these four factors are capabilities that that Papa John International PJI can utilize cross-functionally over all its divisions, and hence these are at least competencies. It should be noted that all of these are different type of competence because they rank differently according to the VRIO framework. The operating system of PJI is a competence because it can be utilized throughout the geographic divisions. Moreover, it should be noted that the availability of such a system ensures a consistent quality in PJIs food taste and quality hence provides customer value.

Mgt 406 papa johns case

Fajar Hari Utomo Lecturer: Case Papa Johns International, Inc: Corporate headquarters are located in Louisville, Kentucky. John Schnatter started the company with a pizza oven in the broom closet of his fathers tavern in Jeffersonville, Indiana in The first franchised restaurant was opened in As of 24 SeptemberPapa Johns International operated 2, restaurants companyowned and 2, franchised in 49 states all except Vermontthe District of Columbia, Puerto Rico, and 25 countries.

Papa Johns initial strategy was intended to produce highquality pizza with fresh ingredients.


This intended strategy exemplifies the companys motto Better Ingredients, Better Pizza. Papa Johns strategy has evolved to include a combination of the initial intended strategy while seeking emerging opportunities to expand their menu, locations, markets, and technology and digital integrations.

Papa Johns mission statements focus on customers, team members, franchisees, and shareholders. Papa Johns believes in creating superior brand loyalty throughout authentic, superior-quality products, legendary customer service, and exceptional community service. External Environment AnalysisIntense competition The restaurant industry is intensely competitive Mgt 406 papa johns case respect to price, menu selections, service, location, and food quality.

The competing restaurants range from independent familyowned diners to publicly-traded restaurant chains with thousands of locations worldwide. Certain markets, such as tourist areas and college campus areas, are very seasonal in nature with respect to the size of the customer base and to consumer income levels.

The local 1G Strategy and ExecutionStudent: This effect is particularly strong in areas heavily dependent on tourism. During a period of economic uncertainty, a family would be much more likely to purchase groceries than to order pizza or any other restaurant food.

Price, location and macro sensitive When the economy declines, the restaurant industry is among the first to feel the effects due to a reduction in disposable income.

Therefore, I can conclude that restaurant food is a luxury good with a high absolute elasticity of demand, meaning that consumers are very sensitive to personal income and product price changes. Hedging as a method to control cost There are also many cost drivers that can affect the costs of doing business in the restaurant industry.

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For example, the costs of certain ingredients can fluctuate very widely in a relatively short period of time according to commodity market conditions. Many companies engage in a practice known as forward pricing, a hedging strategy where a company negotiates with a supplier to purchase a fixed amount of a product at a fixed price.

Some larger companies sign supply contracts to lock in less volatile food products, such as beef, at stable prices for an entire year. Some of the products subject to the greatest variability, especially dairy products, can be locked in only for short periods.

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These increased costs trigger a condition known as cost-push inflation. For a restaurant to remain competitive in todays market, it must constantly look for ways to develop and market new menu items, as well as improve the quality of its food products and its customer service, and reduce costs wherever possible.

Let us take a look at hypothetical circumstances that could shift supply and demand curves for one popular product in the restaurant industry, cheese. Imagine if there were a strain of the Mad Cow virus, the price of milk would skyrocket.

The price of cheese and dairy products would also skyrocket. Even with government intervention, the price of milk and dairy products would keep rising.

Mgt 406 papa johns case

Until this virus is contained or until a cure is found, the price will continue to rise. Many dairy cows would have to be killed once they are infected with the virus to keep it from spreading it to other livestock.

This epidemic would affect many industries that rely on dairy products. The restaurant industry would be devastated. The pizza industry would be hardest hit because the main ingredient in pizza is cheese.

Pizza chains such as Dominos, Little Caesars, and Papa Johns would have to raise their prices just to break even.


Some pizza chains might even try a non-dairy cheese made of soy, but would consumers like the taste of soy cheese? Due to an increase in the price of pizza, the quantity demanded would decrease as a result of the inverse relationship between supply and demand.Development of Pivotal Studies Expert Advisory Panel Mark Blumenkrantz, MD, Stanford Neil Bressler, MD, Johns Hopkins Morton Goldberg, MD, Johns Hopkins Evangelos Gragoudas, MD, Harvard Joan Miller, MD, Harvard Steve Schwartz, MD, UCLA Larry Singerman, MD, Case .

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suite a case, bryan d trail rd ore city gunnells, billy jack gunnells gun shop e main st. Moving to a premise raised by Papa John's concerning the amended judgment in the criminal proceedings, Papa John's argues that the circuit court should have disregarded the amended judgment and given effect to McCoy's initial probable cause stipulation.

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