Movie review the white balloon essay

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Movie review the white balloon essay

Panahi's study of the minutae of life is actually quite extraordinary. The story follows Razieh Mohammadkhania gap-toothed sweetie who sets her heart on getting a goldfish she has seen in the market.

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Having finally persuaded her hard-up mother Sadr Orfani to give her the money, she immediately loses it to a bunch of scamming snake-charmers. She eventually gets it back, only to drop it on her way to the pet shop.

All of which occurs during a real-time countdown to New Year and a whole bunch of characters get involved as Razieh searches for the cash and struggles to reach the shop before it closes. Direction is the key. There is a visceral excitement in Panahi's close-ups that take you inside the fierce bustle of the market-lined streets.

Point-of-view of camera work puts the central dilemma straight into your lap, making it impossible to avoid getting swept along.

Movie review the white balloon essay

Apparently, Panahi loves spontaneity during filming - he deliberatley left his young cast members in the dark to what happens next, to get that natural, instantaneous response. There maybe the typical arthouse resistance to the idea of an Iranian film about purchasing a goldfish - it sounds like a marketeer's worst nightmare - but this remarkable film should not be saddled with stuffy preconceptions.

Among an crowd of wham-bam multi-million dollar gut-crunchers, The White Balloon stands tall as, possibly, the most real film of the year.In a essay, "The Red Balloon: Written on the Wind," the children's author Brian Selznick writes of his life-long appreciation for the film: As a child, I longed for two specific things that I now realize Lamorisse's movie embodies: the presence of a loving friend and the .

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An Alphabetical Listing F G H I J K L M. Links to Reviews A through E. The game is currently available on Windows, Mac, Linux and the iPad. Dec 08,  · The hero doesn't get the girl in either movie--but in "Casablanca," Ilsa stays with the resistance leader to help in his fight, while in "The Third Man" Anna remains loyal to a rat.


Yet Harry Lime saved Anna, a displaced person who faced certain death.4/4. Essay on The Black Balloon Movie Review; Essay on The Black Balloon Movie Review.

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The White Balloon (Badkonake sefid) () - Rotten Tomatoes