Netscaler rewrite all http to https

Instead of dropping the request, you might want to redirect the request to the secure Web site.

Netscaler rewrite all http to https

I will highlight very briefly 13 advantages about the Citrix Cloud There are many more and provide a link to a great article by fellow CTP Nicolas Ignoto on feature requests that should be incorporated in to the solution.

SQL Backend This is a big one. If you have multiple resource locations on premises traditionally you are wanting multiple SQL servers for your Xenapp Sites back end.

Moving to Citrix Cloud eliminates this. Have you checked how much SQL costs in Azure?

netscaler rewrite all http to https

Think of the comparable cost with IAAS or on premises. Citrix takes care of this for you eliminating the need to plan patch management.

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Hotfixes and Security patches are not your worry when it comes to the infrastructure components. Always Latest Software The infrastructure components are automatically upgraded to latest Citrix versions.

You are on latest technology that is thoroughly tested before deployment. You get latest features and improvements. The licences are user licenses as there is no concurrent unless you subscribe to the full Workspace services, however you do get 2 for 1 trade up deals and hybrid rights usage.

This allows you to continue using your on premises solution whilst migrating testing the Citrix Cloud. At time of writing I believe you have a 3 year transition period. The other advantage is you are eligible to release licenses after 30 days compared to 90 days for on premises environments.

Unified Management You can easily manage multiple resource locations from one single unified management plane. This reduces the need for costly infrastructure at multiple site locations. Smart Scale You have the ability of controlling costs by using Smart Scale. Think of the way public clouds incur cost by billing per minute.

You can now have workloads running only during core operational hours or reduce workloads as users reduce. Hidden Costs Hard one to prove but if you think that there is an additional cost with Cloud you should think of the hidden cost savings also. Reduced tin, reduced operational costs, freeing up time and resource to concentrate on other initiatives, not worrying about upgrade cycles, multiple infrastructure in resource locations, easy central management, easy image management, monitoring capability included.

WEM This will be a fully integrated Cloud service allowing you to improve the workspace experience for your users. Improve logon times by moving GPP to this service.

Apply CPU and memory optimisations.

netscaler rewrite all http to https

The SQL back-end is managed by Citrix. Smart Check This is an automatic health check for your site.

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No need to deploy agents if you have the Xenapp and Xendesktop Cloud Service. You will receive diagnostics on your sites health such as machines in maintenance mode, services that are stopped and any back-end communication issues. Granted you do have this ability on premises -So maybe this one does not count.

Cloud Agnostic You can choose your Cloud of choice. There is no Cloud lock in.Late last year I announced a preview of [email protected] and talked about how you could use it to intelligently process HTTP requests at locations that are close (latency-wise) to your customers.

Developers who applied and gained access to the preview have been making good use of it, and have provided us with plenty of very helpful feedback. [Editor – We published a follow‑up to this post in August, , taking into account updates to the BIG‑IP product line, and to both NGINX Plus and the commodity hardware it runs on, in the two years since this post was published.

Key Benefits Comprehensive Security Services.

NetScaler ADFS Proxy – Prerequisite Identify and block requests that contain untrusted data or code Broken authentication and session management Protect against exploitation of weak Session ID management Cross site scripting Protect against dynamically adding malicious code to a web page Flawed access control Enforce access controls on what resources are accessible Misconfigured security Ongoing protection for resources that are misconfigured or vulnerable Sensitive data exposure Protect agains leakage of information such as credit card numbers Attack Protection Adds a layer of protection via constantly updated rules Cross site forgery Protect authenticated users against forged requests Table 1 - What protection is provided by a WAF With a targeted focus on application-specific exploits missed by traditional firewalling techniques, AFP plays a key part in a defense-in-depth strategy that mitigates risk and optimizes applications.
Modify the rc.netscaler file to copy this file at every boot The following is an example of the action:
Recent Posts So with these changes to the driver stack within Windows, Citrix had to rewrite their graphics driver to be compatible with WDDM. This user mode graphics driver works closely with WDDM and is responsible for encoding what you see with your eyes on the screen, when connected to a VDA and passing that data to Receiver which runs on your client device, which is then decoded and displayed.

LoadMaster provides integrated security capabilities including Web Application Firewall protection (WAF), edge security, L7 IPS/IDS, DDos Mitigation, application publishing and authentication services as standard features on all platforms including select hardware appliances.

I am finally getting round to playing with NetScaler 11, and working on a side-by-side migration from our working installation. The configuration of all of the services, servers, monitors etc has all . I’ve followed the instructions on this page for my VPX nc test setup and unfortunately I’m only getting an A.

When I add the VPX cipher group, I get the message: “No usable ciphers configured on the SSL vserver/service” and when I add the ciphers individually I get: “AES-GCM/SHA2 ciphers not supported on VPX and FIPS”.

I recently received a request to catch all requests on HTTP and redirect the user to the exact same URL that was requested but over SSL (HTTPS) instead.

You can do this using a Responder Policy. Basically the action to redirect over SSL will be: "HTTP/ Moved Permanently\r\n" + "Location.

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