Scottish and southern energy business plan

United Kingdom Company Perspectives: The effective management of all operations throughout S. The company generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to more than three million electricity customers and 1. SSE is also involved in energy trading, gas marketing, electrical and utility contracting, and telecommunications.

Scottish and southern energy business plan

SSE have a strong vigorous focus on the health and safety of their employees, and in the latest phase of their training they were keen to develop new ways of engaging with their teams to encourage them to adopt safer driving practices. The Challenge To provide a fresh and innovative way of looking at the subject which participants will remember for longer.

To stress the importance of developing a safe driving culture within the organisation. To clearly link driving into organisational values and to stress that safe operation of company vehicles is not optional.


Our Solution Working closely with SSE, we designed a resource which gave their managers a toolkit to facilitate short minute training sessions with their teams. As well as a detailed workshop plan, a series of interactive group exercises and practical advice for trainers, we created a series of five animated films each focusing on a different element of driving: SSE are keen that the resource continues to be viewed and experienced by as many people as possible.

scottish and southern energy business plan

Client Feedback "The feedback has been extremely positive, and the bold use of language has certainly stimulated very positive debate. The use of animation is a training resource was definitely a first for SSE and we strongly believe that it has made the material far more accessible to a wider range of audience that an instructional treatment.

Scottish & Southern Energy (SSE) appoints EuroDirect to power acquisition strategy

The use of animation allows us to be more graphic than live action, which can look amateurish within the budget levels normally available for projects such as this. Find out how our blended solutions have delivered real value and long term improvement.Fixed price business electricity and gas contracts prices/rates for SMEs from EDF Energy.

Energy & Grid Management; Business / Finance / Regulation; Distributed generation - Scottish and Southern Energy has launched a “better plan” green product that provides financial rewards to customers for using less energy. “Better plan” offers a variety of incentives to customers to assist them to reduce energy consumption and. SSE Network Information. Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution’s first priority is to provide a safe and reliable supply of electricity to the communities it serves in Scotland. SSE’s business plans for investment in the North of Scotland can be viewed here. (d) Identify any potential commercial opportunities for Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution arising from the programme. (e) Itentify the impact of smart metering on existing business Title: Smart Metering Programme and .

Get a business energy quote for your business within 60 seconds! Our cheapest available rates are only available online. Compare all our business rates today. Scottish and Southern Energy plc (SSE) operates as one of the largest energy concerns in the United Kingdom.

The company generates, transmits, and distributes electricity to more than three million electricity customers and million gas customers in the United Kingdom through subsidiaries Scottish Hydro-Electric, Southern Electric, SWALEC.

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"The Scottish Government is committed to doing all we can to support Scotland's energy industry and to ensure we enjoy the economic benefits of our vast natural offshore and onshore resources. Case Study Home aspects of the SSE Shetland Nines project Client profile SSE Future Networks: NINES is a £45 million project run by Scottish and Southern Energy Power Distribution to develop and manage Shetland’s electricity grid more effectively – and help meet Shetland sustainability ambitions for the [ ].

Perth-based Scottish and Southern Energy (SSE) topped the list of companies, scoring 93 out of a possible The company, which plans the world's largest offshore windfarm by the Suffolk. Business energy solutions for switched-on businesses.

We understand that controlling your energy efficiency and business spend is paramount.

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