Street smarts versus book smarts essay

They spend their most time on their academic work, and they may miss their other parts of life. When he was a student, he did have some ideas, but because of the background of that time, he hid his thoughts about what he learned and what teachers told to him. Then, he read some books and magazines about sports, and he began to learn the rudiments of the intellectual life.

Street smarts versus book smarts essay

By Tim Parker June 20, — 2: Those without advanced education will likely say that they've done just fine without spending a lot of time in the classroom, while people with a lot of formal academic knowledge would say that success is largely the result of education.

This is more than a trivial debate. This has led some people to believe that America isn't the land of opportunity it once was.

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Is a better paying job impossible without a formal education, or is there hope for the non-college educated? Steve Jobs Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple, is widely regarded as one of the best business men of his day.

Street smarts versus book smarts essay

He didn't have a college degree and neither did Steve Wozniak, the other founder of Apple. People all over the world have found success without a college degree, but is that the rule or the exception?

However, for those with a bachelor's degree, the unemployment rate is only 3. A college degree doesn't guarantee success, but BLS unemployment statistics show book smarts more than double your chances of finding a job.

One side believes that book smarts allows you to get a higher-earning job and work less, while poorer Americans remain poor because they are forced to work more hours for less money. A paper by Orazio Attanasio, Erik Hurst and Luigi Pistaferri found that higher-educated people work more hours than poorer income groups.

Although income inequality is growing, leisure inequality is growing, too. While higher earners are earning more, they're losing more leisure time in order to do it. Lower-educated men had Higher-earning men had Less-educated women saw their leisure time grow to Higher-educated women went down to The study mentions that some of the increase in hours at the lower income levels comes from increased unemployment, but only half of the increase could be attributed to that.

The Bottom Line Some consumer finance experts believe that becoming more financially prosperous is as much a function of cost control as it is advanced degrees and higher-paying jobs.

Street smarts versus book smarts essay

Statistics seem to indicate that more education dramatically increases a person's chances of achieving financial prosperity, but one basic rule remains largely uncontested: Trading Center Want to learn how to invest?

Get a free 10 week email series that will teach you how to start investing. Delivered twice a week, straight to your inbox.To be honest, in China, there are almost all “book smarts” in the schools. Whatever it is a kindergarten, or a elementary school, or a junior school, or a high school, even a college.

Book smart vs. Street Smart: Using Your Intelligence Effectively in College 7 Lessons Learned as a College RA Monsters University offers a surprisingly deep look at college. essays research papers - Street Smarts versus Book Smarts.

Book Smart vs. Street Smart In the article, “Hidden Intellectualism,” Gerald Graff discusses the topic of book smart versus street smart.


Being street smart means having interest in other activities more than in school work, while being book smart is the complete opposite of that. Nov 11,  · Book smart studied a lot from books, researches, theories etc., has a theoretical knowledge.

Book smarts vs. Street smarts | Scott Berkun

Street smart is a person who lives consciously, pays attenrion to things happening arund him & . While Book smarts are defined as academic skills, knowing that.

First, the street smart people gain their academic skills through their personal experiences.

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