Terra cotta girl

How's that for being vague and uncertain? This was a great success with the patients at work and there were several staff looking over our shoulders taking notes. So let's get busy.

Terra cotta girl

They are a wonderful addition to any type of garden. Just take a look at this cute little flower pot girl I recently made. Unfortunately, the twine deteriorated in places. The directions might seem lengthy, but it really isn't. Once you get started, you'll be zipping through in no time.

Begin by painting the "face" onto the 8. I found a pattern online, copied, and lightly traced with carbon paper onto the side of the pot. Next, I filled in the eyes with sharpie paint pens and outlined the nose and mouth.

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I smudged paint on with a q-tip for the rosey cheeks. If you want to paint the body and or arms and legs, now is the best time to do that. It will be difficult to go back and paint after you assemble. You can paint the pots to look like clothes or add different designs and shapes.

Any accessories, such as the apron, can be added after assembly. Let the paint dry and then spray with several thin layers of acrylic sealer. You will need these to string onto the jute rope and fit into the inside bottom of the clay pots for spacing and support. Tie a knot I double knotted in one of the ends of the rope and string one of the cut noodle foam onto the rope, pushing it down to the knot.

Push the taped end of the rope through the hole inside the bottom of the pot and out.

Terra cotta girl

The foam piece and knot should rest against the bottom of the pot on the inside. Make sure you push the second pot all the way down so the inside of the pot is on the foam. The second pot should be overlapping the first pot a bit because of the thickness of the foam.

Continue to string on more foam pieces and clay pots this way until you have all six pots lined up on top of one another. This is the first terra cotta leg. Leave about 12 inches of rope between the last 6 pot and this pot.

String another pot onto the rope, but face this pot in the opposite direction of the other six pots. Do this by pushing the rope into the outside hole into the pot, adding a piece of foam to the rope like before. Add another clay pot, then foam. Continue doing this until you have strung all six pots going in the opposite direction of the first 6 clay pots.

Your legs should look like two sets of 6 pots separated by rope approximately 12 inches long in a upside down u shape.

Terra cotta girl

Tie a double knot in the last pot and cut off any extra rope. Follow the same directions for making the legs, first braiding the jute rope, using the pool noodle foam pieces and the twelve smaller pots.

Assembling the Pot Body: Place one of the 8. Using what is left of the braided rope from the legs, wrap it under the exposed 12 inches rope of the legs and insert it into the bottom hole of the body pot, pulling both pieces through the hole, and through a foam piece inside the pot. Double tie a knot.

Do the same for the second 8. To put the two body pots together, I laid everything arms and legs gently on their sides on a padded surface, so I could glue the two pots together with E glue. This is what I had on hand - not thinking that clay pots are porous. After running a bead of glue around the top edge of each pot, I then placed the body pot with the arms upside down on top of the upright pot with the legs.

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And let it dry overnight. The body pots stuck together, but the glue stained the pots. This can easily be hidden using accessories. Finally, to finish the Terra Cotta Flower Pot Girl, glue a six inch saucer over the top of the body pot not shown - this is optional, and place the painted face pot on top.Vintage style, prairie chic hand painted genuine leather cuff.

Layer them with other accessories or wear them alone as a statement piece! Personally handcrafted by Jan & Erin, our prairie girl leather cuffs symbolize the freedom to express yourself, and do it in style prairie girl style!

Capture the spirit of prairie - past and present. Lovely Antique 19thC European Terra Cotta Bust of a Little Girl. Neatcurios. $ USD. Neatcurios. Antique Terra Cotta Tobacco Humidor of a Gentleman Drinking in a Barrel.

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Neatcurios. $ USD. Preservation Station. Antique Terra Cotta Pilaster Capital, Early ’s. Preservation Station. And, you'll see the famous terra cotta warriors, which guarded China's emperor for over 2, years.

But we'll take you far beyond China's past, and look ahead to its amazing future. This country is quickly transforming from an agrarian society into one of the world's leading economic powers.

Beautify your backyard decor with this pretty Terra Cotta Candle Planter. This simple DIY candle planter will add some pretty ambiance to your patio. Find great deals on eBay for terra cotta girl. Shop with confidence. Let the white dry and use your foam brush to brush on a block of color at the base of your pot.

I freehanded mine because I wanted a natural edge.

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