The description of my favorite television show a team

In syndication[ edit ] The series has achieved cult status through heavy syndication in the U. It has also remained popular overseas, such as in the United Kingdom, where the show has been on-air almost continuously in some form since it was first shown in July It is airing on satellite and cable channel Esquire Network. International[ edit ] The A-Team has been broadcast all over the world; international response has been varied.

The description of my favorite television show a team

Conception[ edit ] InDavid Shore and Paul Attanasioalong with Attanasio's business partner Katie Jacobspitched the series untitled at the time to Fox as a CSI -style medical detective program, [6] a hospital whodunit in which the doctors investigated symptoms and their causes.

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The suspects were the germs. But I quickly began to realize that we needed that character element. I mean, germs don't have motives. Jacobs later expressed her gratitude for the network's insistence that the character be reimagined—putting him on his feet added a crucial physical dimension. References to the famous fictional detective Sherlock Holmes created by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle appear throughout the series.

James Wilson echoes that between Holmes and his confidant, Dr. The main patient in the pilot episode is named Rebecca Adler after Irene Adlera character in the first Holmes short story, " A Scandal in Bohemia ".

The series finale also pays homage to Holmes's apparent death in " The Final Problem ", the story with which Conan Doyle originally intended to conclude the Holmes chronicles.


Moran joined the staff as writers at the beginning of the first season after the making of the pilot episode. Friend and Lerner, who are business partners, had been offered positions when the series launched, but turned the opportunity down.

After observing the show's success, they accepted when Jacobs offered them jobs again the following year. From the beginning of season four, Moran, Friend, and Lerner were credited as executive producers on the series, joining Attanasio, Jacobs, Shore, and Singer.

Shore was House's showrunner.

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The show's most prolific directors through its first six seasons were Deran Sarafian 22 episodeswho was not involved in season six, and Greg Yaitanes Of the more than three dozen other directors who have worked on the series, only David Straiton directed as many as 10 episodes through the sixth season.

Hugh Laurie directed the 17th episode of season six, " Lockdown ". She writes the "Diagnosis" column that inspired House's premise. At first, the producers were looking for a "quintessentially American person" to play the role of House.

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He assembled an audition tape in a hotel bathroom, the only place with enough light, [40] and apologized for its appearance [41] which Singer compared to a " bin Laden video".

Singer was very impressed by his performance and commented on how well the "American actor" was able to grasp the character. Laurie credits the accent to "a misspent youth [watching] too much TV and too many movies".

What usually happens is you do a pilot and of the very few picked up, only about a quarter go to a second year.this show was recently added to my list and became my favorite.

the two character i love in this show are Shaun Murphy. Freddie is the best for this role and i don’t think anyone could portray it well than him. Nov 16,  · Watch video · House is a brilliant show medically speaking but so much more than that at the same time.

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The show is a kind of "24" meets medicine extravaganza. The main character, Dr. Gregory House, is /10(K). The A-Team is an American action-adventure television series that ran on NBC from to about former members of a fictitious United States Army Special Forces unit.

The members, after being court-martialed "for a crime they didn't commit", escaped from military prison and, while still on the run, worked as soldiers of fortune.

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The description of my favorite television show a team

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