The misadventures of maude march book report

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The misadventures of maude march book report

What better way to spend it then going on a Google Earth Adventure! They had to go into Pennsylvania and come back down from Columbus. We also split our trip into two days. My Aunt Melinda lives in Southern Ohio and it takes about 8 hours to get to her house.

We would usually stop and spend the night with her and then head out in the morning. After that, it is a short trip to Indiana.

The Lawrenceburg Exit There is something about that first exit off the Interstate. We are heading toward Lawrenceburg and Aurora, then onto Dillsboro. The Parking Lot Is it cliche to say that this parking lot used to look so much bigger when I was younger!

From the overhead view, there is a lot less visible from the street then there used to be. The parking lot was used for the customers on the Riverboat Casinos. From the looks of the street view, this parking lot is no longer in use. There were times we had to stop and stretch, so we walked around Walmart.

That meant a stop at Walmart for some sweatpants. Whatever you think you might have needed in the days before the internet and smartphones. Grandma lived pretty far out in the woods, and even the small town of Dillsboro was a bit of a hike to get things.

Nine miles from Walmart, you come across this! On road trips, we designate landmarks to break up the trip. The silos meant we were about to make our turn into Dillsboro, Indiana!

Oh boy, we finally made it to the Dillsboro turn! That happened to us more than once after a long trip.

We take the next, super secret unmarked turn! This is the entrance we always took into Dillsboro. Well, Wayne actually grew up in Dillsboro. When he retired, he bought a house in his hometown.

Dillsboro is also where Wayne is buried with his first wife. Now you know why I mentioned the other entrance. Through the intersection, to the intersection?

The misadventures of maude march book report

Another Intersection When we come to this intersection, we have another choice to make. We can go right, or we can go left. The IGA Oh man, that used to feel a lot bigger to me! That seems to be a running theme as I get older.

Everything used to be so much bigger.The Misadventures of Maude March by: Audrey Couloumbis - (Random House, ) pages. The Misadventures of Maude March is a Wild West story about two orphan girls who become outlaws.

The misadventures of maude march book report

Set within the historical context of prairie life, year-old tomboy Sallie March is a lover of dime-store.

Misadventures of maude march Audrey Coulombis. Asha Ruparell 7A. About the book. Lincoln Central Elementary School: Grade 4 Summer Work Complete 1 constructed response BOOK LIST: These are some suggested titles, but are not required. Please use provided. The Contest: Everest #1 by Gordon Korman The Cricket in Times Square by George Selden The Misadventures of Maude March by Audrey Couloumbis Beezus and Ramona.

Disguised as boys, sisters Sallie and Maude March ride west to Missouri, looking for their long-lost uncle. Newspapers report that Maude leads a gang of bank robbers, but it's just the two sisters, trying to avoid mountain lions, treacherous snows, and real desperados. Eleven-year-old Sallie March is a whip-smart tomboy and voracious reader of Western adventure novels.

When she and her sister Maude escape their self-serving guardians for the wilds of the frontier, they begin an adventure the likes of which Sallie has only read about.4/5(9). The Misadventures of Maude March: Or Trouble Rides a Fast Horse Description: Eleven-year-old Sallie March is a whip-smart tomboy and voracious reader of Western adventure novels.

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