Welfare state essay questions

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Welfare state essay questions

Welfare state essay questions

The end of the welfare state? How globalization is affecting state sovereignty The end of the welfare state? How globalization is affecting state sovereignty By Katherine Wall - 17 August Globalization has had a dual effect on the sovereignty of the nation-state.

Sincethe normative framework of human rights has embedded a sense of obligation on the part of the state toward its citizens. The social contract now has a strong welfare element to it.

Yet, simultaneously, economic integration has limited the range of policy options available to states. This has diminished their capacity to meet these obligations. Sovereignty is the absolute authority over a certain territory.

Many commentators would agree that this absolute authority has been challenged by a number of forces operating beyond the nation state; from the threat of global terrorism to the challenges of climate change, the powers of international organizations to influence of the global market.

Given the impact of the global financial crisis on the national economic policy, I want to explore the ways in Welfare state essay questions capitalism has changed the nature of state sovereignty.

Active in terms of formulating policy in favor of market principles which the structure of globalisation encourages.

Welfare state essay questions

Reactive in terms of responding to shocks, crises and booms in the global economy. In both cases, states are no longer entirely free, or entirely sovereign, to enact policy of their own determination. The initial formulation of this concept, during the Enlightenment, entailed an absolute authority over a given community - the state.

This was guaranteed through the monopoly the state had over the use of force. Over the centuries, the social contract took on a more complex meaning.

In the works of Jean-Jacques Rousseau, the state has obligations to its citizens: Modern authors have developed this notion of obligation within the concept of sovereignty.


Sovereignty should be understood as the autonomy of a territory within the international order. The sovereign state should be able to direct its political, economic and social life in accordance with its values and without external influence, pressure or coercion.

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Alongside this, the sovereign state now has a moral obligation to protect and extent the political, economic and social rights of its citizens. At the most basic level, the welfare state is taken to encompass a range of public policies undertaken by governments to provide social security, a safety net to the citizens of that state.

However, over the last thirty years, the welfare state has been under attack in many developed democracies. A range of policy options which were previously available to state actors no longer are.

I would argue this is due to the increasing scope and extent of economic globalization. Key examples include the devaluation of currencies, the high regulation of capital markets, the nationalization of domestic industries to protect them from going bust, extensive public spending leading to expensive public deficits.

Yet as the markets have become more integrated and pressures from international competition encouraged states to take risks, opening up fiscal markets, and considering the implications of high labour costs on goods and services in the global economy.

More explicitly, economic globalization, in its most recent form, has been limiting the capacity of states to determine their own policy outcomes in three main ways: Due to the increasing pressure of international competition in trade markets as well as the increased mobility of capital and multi-national corporations, states are incentivized to cut labour costs, to reduce the price of goods and services, reduce taxation to make their domestic market more competitive, and to decrease the size and scope of the welfare state.

In the UK alone, sever cut backs to the welfare state have been made steadily since the s.Obviously the state cannot supply the affection that we look for in family life, any more than the family can supply the range of services and level of support that the state can provide.

But in general, the more the state welfare system does, the less the family is likely to be required to do, and vice versa.

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About. GrupoWoon. Calle. The mistakes made in the past have to be learnt from and the success of the welfare state systems in other parts of the world serve testimony to the fact that it could only be beneficial for the country.

An examination of the Canadian social welfare policy. This paper examines a series of articles which all criticize the current push towards a neo-liberal interpretation of social welfare policy - both in Canada and in a number of other western nations.

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