Xerox the benchmarking story case study

Join this panel discussion on their journey; from revelation to reality as panelists discuss garnering senior management support, engaging their core processors, establishing a plan and business cases, and the operational impacts and adjustments necessary to actively participate in the faster payments revolution. What do financial institutions have to do to compete with fintechs and other disruptors? Attend this session to discover the threats and the opportunities. This includes virtual assistants, API economy, cloud, blockchain and advanced analytics.

Xerox the benchmarking story case study

Part II continues by detailing the implementation activities of the Corning performance excellence team, along with the results they achieved. It is today, and has been for its long history, a company providing solutions with glass. One of the first companies in the U. Corning also makes telecommunications products such as optical fiber and cable connections systems that link people and businesses worldwide.

In addition, the company innovates and manufactures products for the health and environmental industries. For example, Corning was the first producer of the electric light bulb while working with Thomas Edison, and later, it became a manufacturer of the bulbs and cathode ray tubes that went into televisions.

During this time, he introduced the concept of total quality management to the company. Table 1 provides a summary view of this quality journey that continues today.

While the methods and concepts varied from one organization to another, a few recurring concepts emerged: Attack on all fronts; everyone needs to be engaged.

Quality has to be a total effort. Develop small teams that attack projects by fixing processes across company operations. Tools of quality, such as Pareto analysis, fishbone diagrams, and statistical control charts, are taught, learned, and used by many teams.

See the accompanying instructors' materials for more on how these concepts helped form the "Foundations of Greatness" for total quality management companies of the s. At Corning, Houghton designated Forrest Behm as top quality executive to run the program.

Highly regarded by his peers and a year away from retirement, Behm analyzed the task ahead and offered two recommendations: The company achieved a milestone in when its telecommunications products division received the the Malcolm Baldrige National Quality Award.

To earn the Baldrige distinction, organizations must demonstrate not only excellence in quality processes, but also strong customer preference in the marketplace and superior process excellence in cost efficiency, yield, reliability, and other performance measures.

Organizations must also demonstrate integration and alignment between and among different units and functions. They must, in other words, become role models for others. From the late s through the early part of the 21st century, Corning went through a boom period, exceeding market expectations while balancing opportunities and challenges.

For instance, the tech bubble of the time contributed to an upward swing for several product lines, particularly fiber optics. However, that opportunity then turned into a tough challenge when the fiber optics market became more saturated.

Over time, many organizations encounter these types of market forces and influences. The great companies overcome the obstacles, and the poor companies fall by the wayside. This case is an examination of the renewal of Corning in the decade since It is a story of quality, innovation, operating excellence, and renewal, but above all, it is a story of leadership.

Decline of Market Dominance Market stagnation and saturation in worldwide fiber optics in the early s created some difficulties for Corning in terms of competitiveness, sales opportunities, and cash flow. There were no huge innovation hits on the horizon.

In general, this was a maturing company without a defining cash-producing opportunity ahead. Houghton felt it necessary to re-examine the fundamentals of Corning: Houghton not only decided that this strategy was sound, but he re-emphasized it.

In difficult financial times for the company, he invested 11 percent of revenues back into research and development. In a globally integrated world, this problem was likely to worsen over time.Measuring Knowledge Management Released August By Wesley Vestal The American Productivity & Quality Center (APQC) conducted its first examination of knowledge.

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Back Issues ($ each). To order, go to order page. Issue: Released: Pages: Table of Contents. Issue November 14, 75 pages: Letter from the publisher. Part I of this case study, presented below, describes the situation analysis, posing the challenges that Corning faced in its sustainable performance excellence journey..

Xerox the benchmarking story case study

Part II continues by detailing the implementation activities of the Corning performance excellence team, along with . Feb 12,  · The European Patent Office Comes up With a Plethora of New Buzzwords by Which to Refer to Software Patents The permissive attitude towards software patents in Europe is harmful to software developers in Europe; the officials, who never wrote a computer program in their entire life, pretend this is not the case by adopting marketing techniques and surrogate terms.

When you do something to change the status quo, you usually expect those who love the status quo to resist. So why on earth would Accenture's global leader for analyst relations, Allen Valahu, laud the emergence of the HFS TOP 10, when his firm is already hitting top right corners of all the analyst quadrants on a (seemingly) daily basis?Well, Allen publicly submitted to us his viewpoint.

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